Road Trip Through New England

Parenting to Go MaineDuring the last week before the kids started school, we visited New England. After taking the train from Toronto to Montreal, we drove across the US Border en route to the Nordic Village Resort (2:54), making a stop at Schilling Brewery along the way.

The next day, Yashy took the kids to Storyland (5:59) while I went hunting for beer at Hill Farmstead and the Alchemist Brewery in Vermont (10:07). Reunited, we drove across Maine, making a stop at one of the world’s best pubs, Ebenezer’s (15:11), before landing in Lewiston (18:52), where Yashy went to College.

Later, we explored Freeport and Portland (21:50) before heading to the Coast of Maine (28:48) to discover Andre the Seal and much lobster! Our trip ended with a visit to the Windsor Fair (33:49)

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