Fashion Friday | Snow Day

We’ve finally had a few snowy days but luckily no snow days when school has been cancelled! Last night my parents surprised us by telling us that they’re taking the kids away for the weekend and so it seems like we’re going to have a kid free weekend but have nothing fun planned. Whooops! I’m still  trying to get our vacations planned and booked but getting no where as I’m sifting through the deals. I hope to report back very soon with travel updates!

To say Happy Friday here’s some pictures of Baby Boy playing with some snow paint… the powder was quite messy and I highly recommend going the old school route where you mix food colouring and water in a squirt bottle instead!

20151229_122919 (Custom) 





 Blue North Face Snow Suit

 Green Boggs BootsNorth Face baby boy 20151229_122206 (Custom)

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