BabyTimes Show & my favourite things

The BabyTimes show was happening again! This time I actually had a baby to wheel around (vs. the spring show). I  must say that the baby friendly layout was greatly appreciated, from the gentlemen providing assistance with the strollers on the escalator to the wide aisles for the strollers (though when there’s four strollers trying to get by what should be a two stroller lane, it really doesn’t make much  of a difference. We need a traffic light system in place I reckon!).

My entourage and I made good use of the Medela nursing lounge  (brilliant idea and comfortable too!)  and the Huggies change room.   The place was crawling with the usual line ups at the booths offering freebies (hello formula companies!) but my favest finds were the Wisi Wipes and the Hydra Sense aspirator (Yes how did I not know about this one before!!). The wipes will be a god send when we start our travels in a month’s  time and my little money has been suffering from congestion since birth (hello C section!) and it probably hurts me more than it hurts her, but she is clearly still suffering and the traditional aspirator really wasn’t working for us so this new aspirator is going to be a big help for us.

There was an item  that I REALLY wanted to purchase, the  Click Heat Baby Bottle Warmer, but I own the pocket warmers which were also on display. The young man at the booth tried to convince me that the pocket warmers last for four hours – which  isn’t  true – they last 20 mins on a good day! So when he told me that the bottle warmer would last 2 hours I was sceptical and no matter how badly I wanted to purchase the warmer, I couldn’t warrant spending $25 on something that would just end up as clutter or in the trash. Anyone out there use these warmers? Do they work?

There were  lots of interesting stuff at the show, from clothing (for baby and mommy) to everything you’d need to deck out  the nursery (though you probably will never be able to catch up to Beyonce’s set up no matter how much you try!), but one thing that I’d love to see is what my husband and I consider to be our all time favourite baby item (we are clearly experts given our 26 days of  parenting experience!) – the Cooshee Change Pad. The little monkey enjoys challenging our patience and cleaning skills with her impressive poop attacks and pee pools just when we are in-between swapping diapers . The change  pad is made of rubber which makes it super easy to clean up and completely rinse out (frequently!) in the washroom.  I don’t understand how we’d survive with the regular change pads with the cloth covers…(more laundry you say? NO THANKS!). Unfortunately not many Canadian stores carry this change pad, I ended up ordering it through Amazon.

I’m baby itemed out – super psyched for our first night out on the  town without the little one – any bets on how many times we’ll be checking in to ensure everything is A- O.K ? What will be my first drink?



  • Debbie White Beattie
    January 5, 2017 at 7:20 pm

    It sounds like you found some really great products and even purchased a couple.too. I think it’s great that they had a nursing lounge so the women can relax while nursing

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