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Cannon CoffeeA couple weeks ago on our way to visit my parent’s B&B in Niagara on the Lake, we stopped for brunch in Hamilton and connected with some friends. Last summer we explored the Heart of Ontario and discovered that Hamilton has some pretty good eats and the food bloggers I know in the area (Hello Hungry Gnome!!) are always making me drool through their Instagram posts. Needless to say, we’ve been waiting for an excuse to head back that way and decided to pop by on my way to see my parents. On our drive into Hamilton I hopped on Twitter to find out delicious but reasonably priced and quick brunch options with kids along and The Cannon came recommended. Did the café deliver on my criteria? Yup they sure did! Also how can you not love a spot that says  “ We love your kids, too!” right on the menu?


20150719_114839 (Custom)I called in on our drive over because I wasn’t ready to deal with lines as we were rushing from place to place to link up with a couple different peeps, and the lovely hostess (who I later found out, was a co-owner) informed me that while they don’t take reservations, she’ll keep an eye out for us. On arrival we were greeted by a very airy space (and no lines luckily!) with large windows (great for people watching) and some cool art adorning the walls and tables. They shuffled a table around and fit the six of us ( 4 adults and 2 kids) easily. They even had a high chair for Baby Boy and get this, out came a box of crayons and some lovely colouring books, thanks to the owner’s daughter!


Coffee shop hamiltonThis spot is owned by two moms and I definitely enjoyed supporting them during our visit. My brother’s main goal for visiting The Cannon was to try out their much acclaimed Chemex coffee (they literally steam and drip the coffee into the individual cups!) and the hubs enjoyed it too. Everything on the menu is locally sourced and they rely on their local vendors and partners for fresh produce. The server was kind enough to come by as soon as we sat down and ask what the kids wanted versus, waiting on us to come up and order our meal. Very kind of them! So as Little Monkey sat in her corner, blissfully colouring away and Baby Boy climbed up and down digging through my purse, we went up to the counter and ordered our eats. Despite ordering at the counter, they do bring the food to your table and we watched as they made our waffles in front of us.



Hamilton eatsThe menu also featured baked goods but all of us opted for the waffles which were inspired by the owner’s many friends! They had a nod to the Americans and the Canadians and there were breakfast sandwich waffles but none of us went down that route. I ordered the Californian which not only came with REAL bacon (you know… like thick and delicious slices?) but also with avocado and was served on a Jalapeno and Havarti waffle. It was such a great combo and I wanted a bit more of a Jalapeno kick so they offered some delicious hot sauces (which were also on sale at the store!).




waffles hamilton

The hubs also used the hot sauces on his ‘Merican which came with Avocado and balsamic reduction on a Pesto Waffle. Unfortunately my brother and his friend also got the same ones we did so we didn’t get a chance to try the Black Forest or Canadian brunch waffles, guess we’ll have to venture back! Oh and my brother’s gluten free variety tasted pretty darn delicious despite me usually running away from gluten free items.


I loved the casual vibe of the place and that they offer a very reasonably priced, tasty and quick breakfast. We did keep it healthy but there’s dessert waffles featured as well! If you’re with kids in the area and are looking for a spot that serves good food quickly, check The Cannon Coffee Co. out!

  • Chanry Thach
    August 19, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    I’m so glad you liked the cannon! Someone told me when they first started they knew all their customers. If you really needed coffee or something to eat but didn’t have the cash, they’d trust you enough to come back and pay them when you could. I think that’s why they have such a big following now. very good honest people.

    • Yashy
      August 19, 2015 at 10:49 pm

      I actually read that it was pay what you can when they first opened and were waiting for their licence!

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