Fashion Friday | Beach Lovin’

Oh we’re baaaack!! It was a glorious four days away from the usual craziness and we have so much to share over the next few weeks with you. As you may have noticed we took a REAL holiday and didn’t even get around to posting on the blog, but hopefully you didn’t miss us all that much! Our stay at the Azul Fives with Air Transat and the plane journey there and back were all epic…yes even with kids along. It was HARD dragging everyone back to Toronto but it had to be done! Keeping it light today and sharing some pool pics. YES! I finally have a water proof camera thanks to a win at a Travel Massive event. The Olympus Tough TG-4 is actually quite awesome once I got over the hesitation of ACTUALLY taking it in the water. It felt so bizarre knowingly dunking it in the pool with me but after two days I finally got that guilt brushed off my shoulder. Much like Little Monkey’s fear of navigating the many pools by herself ( with her life jacket of course!).


Happy Friday!!



img_20160616_114542.jpgFrogglez Goggles

Floral Jojo Mamam Bebe Swimsuit

Body Glove PFD


air transat with kids Frogglez


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