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Despite wanting to flee somewhere warm, work has kept us close to home these cold months. Next week is March break and I was dreading having Little Monkey at home 24-7 (remember this article?) which is why we signed her up for the half day camp at the Chelsea Hotel in downtown Toronto. As part of Camp Chelsea Little Monkey will get to play with bunnies, paint and go swimming. I’m a bit nervous about having her swim without us being around but I have heard nothing but amazing things about the Camp Chelsea Councillors and so we’re putting our trust in them and I’m most excited about not having to prep lunch and snacks for next week!! Woohoo!

In preparation for her first camp experience we’ve been taking her swimming and not only does she have a new PDI jacket, she also has her first pair of kid friendly goggles – Frogglez! These goggles are made by a dad who was frustrated by the hair pulling versions out there. I thought it looked quite funny but I must admit that both kids were very comfy wearing these and even though it’s technically meant for ages 3-10, 2 year old Baby Boy insisted on wearing his as well. I mostly love the fact that the straps were easy to adjust and that there was no complains about their ears being irritated!


IMG_9452 (Custom) IMG_9453 (Custom) swimming goggles for kids, frogglez



Floral Jojo Mamam Bebe Swimsuit

Body Glove PFD

Purple Frogglez










If you’re still looking for last minute camps to enroll at in downtown Toronto, check out the Chelsea Hotel who not only offers full and half day camp (even if you aren’t a hotel guest!!) but hotel guests get to enjoy special shows from Mad Science of Toronto and Pirate Life in addition to all the other awesome things we experienced during our March break stay there a couple years ago!


We’re off skiing this weekend…my first time!! Wish us luck!

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