Fashion Friday | School Trip

Yesterday Little Monkey went on her first school field trip and because it was a quick one happening during the lunch hour, I decided to chaperon the class. With my whines about four year old whiners, you’d wonder why I’d subject myself to 28 of them, but I clearly wasn’t thinking! Herding a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds across downtown Toronto was no easy task but discovering a Book Bank in Cabbagetown made it all worthwhile, as was Little Monkey’s face lighting up when I walked into her classroom!

Here’s a couple Fashion Friday pictures featuring her antics during the excursion.

Cheers to a fun filled weekend!

20160204_123553 (Custom)



Deux Par Deux Jacket

 Pink Callie Kids Gloves

 Navy Blue Osh Kosh Dress

 Navy Joe Fresh Tights

 Pink Sparkly Shoes 20160204_131112 (Custom) 20160204_132500 (1) (Custom)

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