Kick in the gut

Yes I know – the OB said no working out or doing anything remotely strenuous for six weeks after the c-section. It’s been nearly four weeks though! Surely we can do it can’t we?  Here’s me ignoring all the horror stories of the stitches splitting open.  I mean..the holiday season is around the corner, love is in the air. The stitches are looking pretty good and the long walks are no longer making me sweat.   Yes! Today I made  an oath to make it to the gym……. for atleast 15 minutes. Time  to kick these love handles (okay, so what  if  I’ve always had them!!?!) and jello belly away.

I kept telling myself all day  long..gym.. gym..but the feeds, diaper changes, visitors and randomness took up the  day. While it was tempting to curl up on the couch with a  slice  of  Pizza and stare  blindly at the football game, I dressed up in the sweats I’ve been living in and made my way to the   gym. It’s true, all I did was 10 minutes on the bike and 10 minutes of arm weights, but it still made me feel good. Now that I shouldn’t do any burpees.. I REALLY REALLLY wanted to! Go figure. That shall have to wait for a few weeks I reckon. For now I take it easy, just getting to the gym is an achievement!

As my jello belly wobbled out I thought I should do some research on a good workout routine… here’s something to motivate you!

Post-Pregnancy Core Rebuilding

P.S-  please note that I was lucky enough to have a  super fast  recovery after the surgery. I was walking around 5 hours after the surgery and needed no drugs other than an occasional tylenol (took 3 during the first two weeks). This post is by no means an endorsement for  anyone to start  working out without waiting through the healing process!



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