Nothing but poop and time on my hands

Am I crazy for saying this? As a new mom, I  actually have time on my hands. To be honest, that’s one of the reasons I started this blog.

Yes I really do have a three month old! And yes…I’m lucky that she’s inherited the sleep gene from her parents. This might soon change, I’m well aware. But really, between the  feeds and diaper changes I manage to get laundry done, shower, get to the gym (on the rare occasion  I feel like it), prep dinner, watch my many TV  shows and link up with friends. Shouldn’t I also be doing something to mentally stimulate myself? And no, I’m not saying that my friends aren’t intelligent, thought provoking folks.

Sure sure  I could read, but that’s boring. I’m more of a do-er. Event and project management is where my heart…no my brain is at. My heart right now is tied to the needs of the Little Monkey. I’m extremely  lucky to have a husband who works from home, which  means that while the little one naps, I can zip out to the gym or run a few errands without having to worry about getting her bundled up or  a sitter.

I’m also grateful to be living in  a country that enables  women to stay at home and provide the best care for their newborn. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not ready to enter the traditional work force, a least not the one I was part of. Given the cost of daycare, I’d be losing money and working crazy hours. I can’t help asking… what about other moms? Are there any out there in my predicament? We always  hear of the burnt out new mom (yes I do feel knackered, but way less than when I  was a working gal sans baby) but never of those looking to fill their time.

If you’re wondering no… my house isn’t spotless (since I do have the  “time”).. I hate cleaning. I’m not very good at it.



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