Snow Day Activities

snow day activities torontoWinters in Toronto can be rough and this year we’ve had our fair share of school bus cancellations. However, a couple weeks ago, the unimaginable happened…they actually CANCELLED all schools one day!! While buses have been cancelled in the past, school has always remained opened (rather unfairly many might argue) so most parents were caught off guard. Living in downtown Toronto and not owning a vehicle, when buses are cancelled our rule has been to keep the kids at home because Chris or I have always been at home. Our kids have been lucky!

In the span of about 10 school days, I had the kids at home for 3 days so when this snow day happened, I knew I couldn’t just let them watch their iPads all day long. It wasn’t an option. In order to keep them busy and so that I could also get my work done, I came up with a list of  mostly indoor snow day activities to keep us all in track. We even lucked out because some of our condo friends were also home and so we had impromptu play dates along the way. To see what we got up to, watch the video below!





Snow Day Things to do, Snow day activities

  • Troy
    July 20, 2019 at 12:52 am

    Snow is the devil’s dandruff.

    • Yashy
      July 22, 2019 at 9:40 am

      haahah, that’s one way to look at it!

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