Blue Jays Game With Kids #LifeIn4K

blue jays game with kidsBlue Jays fever has invaded our household for a good while now and while I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not really into the game, the hubs and Baby Boy are huge fans! The Jays are constantly in the background as I putter around the house and I do enjoy attending the games despite not really understanding the game or knowing about players. The four of us recently attend a game (our 3rd one with the kids- mostly the hubs goes without us) and then a week later I was invited by Rogers (yes our telecom company!) to experience the Blue Jays game from their suite (click here for tips on attending the game with young kids). Now as you know, you should never say no to a suite experience and I thought I’d score bonus point with the hubs if I brought him along.


Of course things don’t always work out the way I envision. Apparently the hubs was already attending the game with his buddies and my usual girlfriends were busy that day as well. To top it all off, our regular baby sitters were also busy. Clearly all signs pointed to me not attending the game but then my parents said they’d like to see the kids that day and so I decided to take my dad to the game and have my mom chill at home with the kids. Sounded like a brilliant plan and a great way to spend the day with my dad at what would have been his first Blue Jays game! Once again, things didn’t go as planned because my parents got held up at their B&B and instead of arriving at our place for noon as promised, I got a call at noon saying they were still in Niagara on the Lake! At this point I was ready to give up and call it quits when the lovely folks at Rogers told me to bring the kids along. I know.. me and two kids in a fancy suite? That just screamed CRAZY! I said yes anyway and the hubs sacrificed going early to grab his bobble head so that he could help me dress the kids and cab them over to the game on time.


He went to hang with his friends while I chilled out in the comfy Rogers 4K suite. Little Monkey has already told me that this is the only way she’ll go back to the Jay’s game (she like I, goes mainly for the food and after the 5th inning we’re bored)! I didn’t restrict their candy, popcorn or treat intake that afternoon and they were well behaved (shockingly!!). In addition the Rogers 4K suite was showing some of their favourite cartoons and had snacks galore for kids and adults.

For those who may not know, Rogers recently started broadcasting the Jays game in 4K and this means that those with a 4K Tv (we have a plasma at the moment) and a Netbox 4K Cable Box can experience the live game  like never before, from the comfort of their couch.The resolution is 4 times more than regular HD Tvs and what this means is that you can see every detail as if you were there, upclose and personal – sweat, spit and stitching on their clothes (wait. I’m the only one who notices those things?).

IMG_20160724_163257 (Custom)


Life in 4K is definitely better and those of you with streaming services like Netflix can watch other shows that stream in 4K. I’ve heard that Rogers will be adding more lifestyle channels into their 4K mix (currently it’s just sports that they offer) and I’m curious to see if any of my favourite TV shows make the cut!

The kids received a little surprise at the end of the day and the hubs was super thrilled with his present – it sits gathering dust on the bookshelf that houses our DVDs (yes….he still collects them!). And yes, he’s jealous that he missed out on the 4k Suite experience! I’m with Little Monkey, Rogers definitely gave us quite the treat and spoiled us that Sunday afternoon, it’s going to be hard to experience life pre-4k! As for the game… I believe we won. Though I’m not really sure! Opps.

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