Can/Should you take your newborn EVERYWHERE?

So it was a Monday night… we found ourselves at a pub. No having a baby isn’t THAT tough! It was a friend’s birthday and the pub was right behind our house. I’d like to call it our  neighbourhood pub but in all honesty I only go there about once every 6 months. Hence  I don’t think I can really call it that. But if I did have a pub I hung out at.. it’d be that.

We decided to bundle up and take Little Monkey with us. She was all decked out in a onesie that was a bit too big but since the Birthday Boy had brought it back from his recent trip to Switzerland, it was worth being slightly unfashionable. Just this ONCE. Besides, she looked absolutely adorable in her little outfit. She always does.

For the first hour she was nice and quiet, fast asleep. No matter where you go, a baby always gets centre stage. The birthday group was no exception. Sorry Birthday Boy! He was okay with it. Honest!

The peace and quiet did not last long though…she woke up and started wailing. Nice. That’s what everyone at the pub wanted to hear. Not the football   (soccer) game, not the tunes in the background, not the latest gossip their mate was rattling off. No. They wanted to hear a screaming baby. OOPPS! SORRY peeps! Guess it really isn’t fair for us to take her EVERYWHERE! For all I know, the pub was filled with parents trying to escape their own crying babies. If only there was a button I could press to stop the night time wailing. Then we’d be the perfect little happy family. All three of us going out and having  a social life, very similar to BB (before baby).  Needless to say, I got antsy and we jetted out of there within twenty minutes of crying (that’s how long it took for DH to finish a new beer!). And everyone applauded when we left – I kid.

Here’s a picture of me enjoying a glass of port wine while Little Monkey enjoyed some nutritious milk ! Cute huh?













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