Fashion Friday | City Kids

This weekend is another fun one for us. Tonight Little Monkey and I spend a night at the Toronto Aquarium and tomorrow is Nuit Blanche! The city will be alive into the wee hours of the morning and strollers will be out in full force. Yes it can be chaotic but having experienced Nuit Blanche with kids on numerous occasions, I say, GO FOR IT! Here’s some tips from last year. This Sunday also sees me flying out for work. Yes my first solo trip in over 4 years…let’s see how the hubs holds down the fort! I’m looking forward to sleeping in and not having to deal with bus drop offs and lunch box preps for two glorious meeting filled days.


Happy Weekend!! Here’s Little Monkey and Baby Boy enjoying the fabulous Autumn weather and the last few days of our downtown Toronto condo rooftop being open!


Toronto city kids


Baby Boy


Black Baby B’Gosh Pants

Mexx Hoodie 

Toms Black Canvas Transport Paseos





Toronto condo





 Little Monkey


 Yellow Jona Michelle Dress

 Purple Columbia Hoodie

 Pink Light Up Shoes



kids in toronto condos





downtown toronto kids

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