Raising Kids in a Condo

This week, Chris and Yashy are joined by Erica Ashmore from mamaash.ca to discuss raising kids in a condo. Like Chris and Yashy, Erica and her husband love living in the city and see condo life as a great way to save money while exposing their kids to all of the activities and adventures that city life has to offer. The three discuss the joys of not owning a car (6:55), their experiences with international cuisine (17:05) and the benefits of purging unnecessary household items (25:43). If you are thinking of living in a condo while raising kids, this podcast is for you.

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  • Micheline
    July 24, 2020 at 7:55 pm

    I enjoyed your podcast, love how to don’t need a vehicle in Toronto. I love the subway system.

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