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IMG_20140524_140002 (Custom)Niagara Falls has plenty of options when it comes to food and has a fair mix of options for tourists like us to zip in to for a quick bite. Admittedly most seem to be chains and pretty much all of them are extremely busy during the hot summer days. During our day trip to Niagara Falls last weekend we were invited to check out Antica Pizzeria. The location was perfect for us because it was right across from the Greg Frewin Theatre and on the main strip. We got there for one p.m. and luckily there wasn’t much of a wait to get seated.


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This spot is fairly large and has every imaginable seating option from small tables to group settings and even a patio. They were very friendly and allowed us to bring our industrial sized stroller in with us and we were able to park Baby Boy (in the hopes of a nap – FAIL!). You definitely get a warm family welcome as soon as you enter. Many a lady popped by to ooh and ahh over the kids and we quickly got a high chair as well. The food arrived very quickly and I was thankful for that as we only had an hour to get to the magic show. The hubs and I truly felt like we were on holiday as we both ordered margaritas – on the rocks for him and frozen for me. One thing to remember is to call out the salt because it came with sugar.


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As you can see the Little Monkey loved her kid’s mini pizza and best of all – she DEVOURED the Gnocchi I ordered. The Gnocchi was fresh and uber simple with some home made tomato sauce. I decided to spice up my plate with some chill flakes and Parmesan and it was comfort food at its best. That bowl was licked clean between the Little Monkey and I. The hubs was very excited for the wood fired pizza and ordered a basic pepperoni pizza (he’s SO boring I tell you – classic he likes to say!). Antica PIzzeria really lets you customize the pizza. We were able to have cheese on half and none on the other and I even saw one family with four different types of pizza in one large pie. Very cool. Only issue we had was that we didn’t love the olives on our pizza but luckily we were able to pluck them out easily. I LOVED that they brought a huge cup of milk for the Little Monkey and it had a straw and lid! Brilliant.


Tiramisu was quite good and definitely surprised me. Check out the Little Monkey licking the cream! As our meal came to an end I lucked out by having a change table in the ladies washroom! We got a quick change for Baby Boy and it lasted us for the rest of the day – phew! It’s true that our server was a bit hard to find but there’s plenty of servers around and they’re all happy to help out. Plus we got out fully fed within the hour – a huge win in my books!


Antica Pizzeria is definitely the laid back family style spot you want to hit up if you’re looking for some relaxing times with kids. No fuss, no stress – simple, classic dishes. We wanted the kids to be behaved during the Greg Frewin show so I wanted something casual and as luck would have it, they were quite well behaved (minus that nap!).

What are some of your favourite spots to hit up oat Niagara Falls?


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