How do you play while on mat leave?

Yes I am well aware that I’m on mat leave but this  didn’t stop me from attending a work function. Ofcourse my line of work can be fun  and  events have always been the funest  part (it’s easy to forget the paperwork, agency negotiations and bureaucracy that clutters the pavement to an execution). This week there was an ABSOLUT Ice Bar at Dundas Square and given that this brand is the baby in my portfolio, I couldn’t stay away.

Yes I attended-any excuse for a cocktail! In addition it was great to mingle and catch up with (most) of my  co-workers while the Little Monkey was at home with her Archchi (Grandma in Sinhala). These were the reasons I told myself I was attending the event. However I couldn’t help but wonder if  deep down the real reason was that I wanted to be seen. To be seen by the decision makers of my company. To send a signal. A green light that I am not your typical new mom. I can have a baby and a life. I can be a mom and a good worker (which apparently according to certain decision makers are mutually exclusive, you can be one but not the other).

I’ve been saying that (provided I found a good daycare/nanny solution) I would be ready to re-enter the workforce in about 6 to 7 months. Most people told  me I  would soon change my mind. I guess I’m determined to ensure that I’m still top of  mind-out of sight but not out of mind. Especially  in a male dominated industry, it is imperative that we females force ourselves to be centre stage.

All that said, I guess a strong part of me likes to attend various events  (work related or not) because I like being out there and enjoy having a newborn and still being part of the social society.  I used to work in an office and play time was attending the events.  Now my work is staying at  home being an on call cow but play time is still attending the events.



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