Solar Eclipse Cocktail

If you’re planning to catch the Solar Eclipse then I’m sure you’ve got your eclipse glasses all ready but what about a Solar Eclipse Cocktail? Not to worry, it can easily be made into a Solar Eclipse Mocktail as well. We are planning to spend the weekend in Niagara on the Lake and are excited to spend time with friends visiting for this special occasion. 





Solar Eclipse Drink

Eclipse Cocktail with orange juice and dark ice

If you aren’t aware, there is a cocktail called the Eclipse. There are many versions of this but for the most part it’s a booze forward drink built with tequila, cherry liqueur, Aperol, lemon juice, and mezcal. With us attempting to catch a glimpse of the eclipse during the mid afternoon, I wanted something a little more sessionable and one that also LOOKS like the total solar eclipse we’re anticipating. I put my thinking cap on and came up with very easy Eclipse Cocktails that mostly uses ingredients at home.  You do need a round ice cube mold but I have used an egg tray in the past when making jello eyeballs so you can try that too! 


How to make MY Solar Eclipse Cocktail

ingredients for an eclipse drink

It’s simple, first up make the ice. I added frozen blueberries to a cup of water and then blended it. It was then sieved and the liquid poured into the globe ice mold. Now, can you just let the blueberries stain the water and use that? Absolutely. You could use black food colouring to make black ice too. I mean you can use dark purple grape juice too. Have fun with it. All you want is to get a dark liquid so that it pops against the orange juice. Have fun with it. Add some edible sparkles to that ice cube liquid!! 


The mold I have is very old and an individual one but if you plan on making a few rounds of drinks, you may want to purchase this globe ice mold for 4 (I have ordered it myself!).

Once the ice cube is frozen all you have to do is splash it into your orange juice concoction. You can use plain OJ for a mocktail and it’ll be good enough. Add a splash of lime juice if you wish! 


But for the adults, how do you elevate this Eclipse Mocktail into a fabulous Eclipse Cocktail? I got you! 


Eclipse Cocktail Ideas 

Eclipse mocktail

At the end of the day you have yourself a glass of orange juice and a dark coloured ice cube (which may or may not be made with frozen blueberry “juice”). This means we can add in various ingredients to make this Eclipse cocktail tasty.

Screwdriver Eclipse Cocktail :  Add 4 ounces orange juice and 2 ounces vodka to a rocks glass. Drop in Eclipse Moon ice.

Margarita Eclipse Drink :  Add 2 ounces tequila,  ½ ounces triple sec, 2 ounce fresh orange juice, 1 ounce fresh lime juice and 1 ounce simple syrup to a shaker. Shake and pour into a margarita glass. Drop in Eclipse Moon ice.

Eclipse Mimosa : Top orange juice filled flute with sparking wine. Ensure your flute is wide enough so you can drop in Eclipse Moon ice.

Aperol Eclipse:  Grab a wine glass, add 3 ounces Prosecco, 2 ounces Aperol, and 1 ounce soda water. Drop in Eclipse Moon ice. Okay this doesn’t have any OJ in it but it is one of my go to day drinking options! 


Happy Eclipsing!! 


orange eclipse cocktail
Yield: 1

Solar Eclipse Cocktail

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Additional Time: 2 hours
Total Time: 2 hours 5 minutes

Add orange juice to a glass. Top with vodka or tequila. Drop in round ice cube.


  • Water
  • Blueberries
  • Orange Juice
  • Vodka or Tequila


  1. Blend frozen blueberries with water
  2. Add food colouring for desired colour
  3. Pour into round ice cube mold and freeze
  4. Pour orange juice into rocks glass
  5. Add vodka
  6. Drop round ice cube

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Eclipse Drinks

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