Egypt Falls With Kids #MurphysDoNS

egypt fallsThis Fashion Friday I want to show some pictures and videos from our visit to Egypt Falls in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. When we told the hub’s dad that we’d be in Cape Breton for a few days after our tour of Newfoundland, he insisted that we try and make it to Egypt Falls. What he forgot to mention correctly was that it was a two hour drive from Sydney and that the 15 minute hike was actually 30 minutes each way and super scary (for me!!).

For those driving around the Cabot Trail, Egypt Falls (the widest waterfall in Nova Scotia) is a hidden spot and hard to find but once you get there, it’s gorgeous! When we first got there, I was ready for a causal hike but soon realized that things weren’t going to be easy. The climb down was fine until I realized that we had to climb around the edge of the “mountain”. Luckily some good soul has laid out a permanent rope path for us to hang on to but I was sweating buckets in fear as I made my way down towards the falls. I was shocked that the hubs was able to do it while carrying Baby Boy. Little Monkey went with her grandparents, each flagging her from front and behind. It’s definitely  not easy going down the slippery slopes and I was so afraid of the kids slipping and falling ten stories down onto the rocks. No one fell and we live to tell the tale. That said, my 2 and 4 year old made it but it wasn’t easy. If you aren’t a hiker, I’d recommend NOT doing this one with kids. No way I could have taken them here by myself, you really need a 1 :1 ratio of kids (younger than 10) to adults no matter what. Coming back was fine but it was the going down that was tough for me. However… take a look at the video and you’ll see that you can swim up right into the falls (the pools are quite shallow), just remember to bring your bathing suit! Only Little Monkey remembered her Joe Fresh Swimsuit! Also remember to wear running/hiking shoes but also bring water shoes or sandals to navigate the pebbly and mossy waters.



egypt falls, hiking with kids

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