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Dining at The Pottery Restaurantin Blue MountainDuring our multi-generational visit to Blue Mountain last month, we enjoyed a fine meal at The Potter Restaurant. Since my visit, I have read that the restaurant is named after the original Blue Mountain Pottery, a Canadian pottery company located in Collingwood, Ontario which was founded in 1953 by Dennis Tupy and Jozo Wieder and closed shop in 2004. It’s also the oldest restaurant on  the resort, thought it has had a few face lifts along the way and still looks fresh and young!

On Saturday the entire family made our way to The Pottery Restaurant for a delicious meal after a busy day. The restaurant was a leisurely 15 minute walk from the Westin Trillium House, though we opted to drive as we had the kids and my 87 year old grandmother with us. Plenty of parking can be found at the restaurant, which is housed at another hotel on site, so it was easy to navigate. On the way back, the hubs and I decided to look at the stars and walk back to the Westin, which is when we noticed that the resort does offer a free shuttle, so if you’re hoping to indulge in a few bevvies, this would be a great service to make use of!

On arrival we were were welcomed and ushered to a corner table which was perfect for a group of our size. Our table had a mini booth setup which worked out well when Little Monkey decided to take a nap half way through the meal!! My  grandmother was given a chair which worked out really well, as she would have struggled with the booth setup each time she had to go to the bathroom!


pottery restaurant blue mountainAs we perused the menu, my dad and the hubs ordered a beer each while us ladies ordered a mojito each. We sipped on our drinks and nibbled on some fresh bread, drooling over the menu. Chef Brad Hutchinson and his team freshens up the menu on a seasonal basis as they rely on local produce to feed their guests. During our visit we were able to find something for everyone, and that was a tall order! The Pottery Restaurant is very accommodating to allergies and preferences. My mom, a strict vegetarian ordered a cauliflower pasta dish that was insanely delicious!

We started our meal with a bunch of appetizers and Little Monkey was quick to order her favourite, Calamari. I was glad it came out quickly as she ate her share and then took a nap (guess the mini putt, rock climbing, hiking and mining had her exhausted!).

20160423_201201 (Custom)

The rest of us shared some baked Brie, Escargot and a platter of smoked trout. The smoked trout came with crispy capers and that was a first for me. Fried capers!!! Wonder if I can attempt that at home.



Baby Boy wanted Fish and Chips and he devoured the entire thing. The dish looked huge but once he pulled the batter out  (not a fan!) the fish inside was a good portion for him.

20160423_200326 (Custom)


I think my grandmother was the happiest because she licked her Halibut dish clean. I loved the fact that my Tenderloin came with Foie Gras. You know that made me VERY happy!! As you can see each of our dishes came well garnished with veggies and that made us all happy because we were cheating a fair bit during the day.

20160423_211316 (Custom)

20160423_211223 (Custom)


Paired with a fine bottle of wine, we enjoyed a very leisurely dinner and Baby Boy was still up at 10 p.m.! He was the winner because he got to enjoy a bit from everyone’s dessert! As you know, I’m picky when it comes to Creme Brule but always order it when I see it on a menu! The baked cheesecake was like nothing I’ve ever eaten. YOU MUST get that if it’s still on the menu when you visit!

baked cheesecake


The Pottery Restaurant had a lovely vibe where you felt comfortable as a large group or out on a romantic date. The space lends itself for every occasion and we spotted a couple birthday celebrations and  perhaps even a first date! I’ve heard amazing things about their brunch as well, though we didn’t have time to check it out. WHEN I’m back at Blue Mountain next, I’ll definitely pop by here again, perhaps for lunch or brunch next time!


  • Gina A
    May 18, 2016 at 10:26 pm

    I love Blue Mountain. I also have some original Blue Mountain pottery animal figurines! 🙂

    • Yashy
      May 19, 2016 at 12:10 pm

      Oh Gina.. I’d love to see some pics if you’d share with us!!

  • kristen visser
    May 26, 2016 at 10:34 pm

    I will have to keep that in mind next time I am there. I have never been to Pottery restaurant before. the food looks delicious

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