Face mask safety tips

  • Use clean hands each time you put on, remove or touch your face mask
  • Never touch the front of the mask. Put on and take off the mask by holding it by the ear loops or ties
  • Make sure the face mask fits snugly and that the straps fit securely
  • Sanitize your mask properly by washing them laundry detergent. The WHO has great advice on how to properly clean masks.
  • IF (and you should) have filters in your mask, remove them and store them in a dry place for 2 or more days before reusing them. Having a designated bag, container or spot in the house for each member to safely store their mask is a great idea
  • You can also place the face mask in a container or bag and store it in a warm, dry place for 2 or more days before wearing it again.


Please remember that face masks don’t replace or reduce the need for other protective measures. Proper hygiene practices and social distancing are still the best methods of keeping you and your family safe. Wearing the right face masks will not only help you protect your community but it will also give you some peace of mind as we slowly start integrating back in to our communities in the (hopeful) near future.